Intermediate/advanced training tomorrow afternoon at Balls Bluff


It's been a while (more than a season, I think) since I last led a terrain walk but I've decided it's a practiced worth reviving - tomorrow starting at 1pm at Balls Bluff I'll lead a terrain walk around (most if not all of) the brown course with up to 10 individuals joining me (if anyone at all chooses to join me given the short notice).  This is intended as training for people ranging from those just starting to do orange courses up to regular runners of advanced courses less experienced than myself who might benefit from a chance to pick my brain. We'll talk about orienteering technique fundamentals, route choice considerations, and whatever other technical issues in orienteering the course may elicit.  Based on past experience, this is likely to take until ~3pm - we'll cut the course short as needed to make sure we don't overshoot the course closure time by very much, if at all.

If you'd like to take part, please email me to say so before noon tomorrow so I'll know to expect you and assemble at the Edwards Landing pavilion a few minutes before 1pm.  I don't expect, given the short notice, that it will be an issue but if more than 10 people are interested, I'll take the first 10.  I haven't decided when/where yet but I'll try to do this again a few more times this season so it won't be the end of anything, let alone the world, if tomorrow's walk is in fact oversubscribed or tomorrow isn't convenient for you. Cheers.

Jon Torrance