Mid-Atlantics Relay Team Formation and Individual Course Selection


QOC members,

The Mid-Atlantics are coming up on Sunday so if QOC is to reclaim the Broken Compass we lost when DVOA hosted last year, a good turnout of QOC members for both the classic courses and the relay will be required. I'll be serving as the QOC team coach/captain/coordinator/what have you, so consider the following to be my pre-event instructions and pep talk.

- please note that the event timing will be non-standard, with the start window from 9:00am to noon so we can fit in the relay starting at 1:30pm.

- we're offering online pre-registration with payment in person at the event.  Please make use of this, it will make.things run more smoothly on Sunday.

- if you want to run on a QOC relay team in the afternoon, please email me your vital statistics (name, gender, year of birth, and feelings as to which of the three legs you'd be happy to run) and I'll do my best to put you on a QOC team.  If you have a team already assembled, please send me the vital stats for the whole team.

- I would also appreciate, as much as possible, knowing what individual course QOC members will be running, so I can ensure that we have a reasonably strong and deep QOC contingent on each course. Please send me that along with your relay info or separately. I'll be in touch closer to Sunday if it looks as though it might be desirable  for you to run a different course in order to maximize QOC's points tally.

- regarding course selection, since this event is not just the Mid-Atlantics but also a National Ranking Event, we're trying to minimize possible conflicts between running the course on which one can win the most points and running the course on which one prefers to be ranked nationally with a rule that only people running a course for which they are eligible to be ranked nationally are in the hunt for points on the individual courses.  The practical upshot of this is that QOC would probably prefer most people register for the shortest/easiest course they are eligible to run under the OUSA rules of competition.  You may, of course, choose to run a harder/longer course and still be vying for points, just against stronger expected competition.That said, this only matters if you think you have a shot at being in the top five males or top five females on some course.  If you aren't that speedy an orienteer, register for whatever course will make you happiest.  And if you are fast and skilled but you want to run some course other than the shortest/easiest one for which you're eligible, that's okay. Winning isn't everything. (If you aren't familiar with the OUSA course/class structure and need some guidance as to which courses you're eligible to run, I'm happy to oblige above and beyond the explanation posted on the event page on the QOC web site.)

- a reminder, attendance by club members is part of the Mid-Atlantics scoring, so just by taking part, you will be helping QOC score more points.  However, this is only true if your membership is current.  So, if your membership has lapsed recently and you plan on coming on Sunday, please renew your membership ASAP. OTOH, if your membership has lapsed recently and you won't be able to make it on Sunday, it's optimal to wait until next week to renew your membership.

I think that covers the essentials.  It looks currently as though it may be cold on Sunday but weather conditions will be favorable otherwise so I hope many of you will come out on Sunday for some fine orienteering. Go QOC! Beat DVOA!

Jon Torrance