Mid-Atlantics relay teams, etc


QOC members,

This coming Sunday, November 3, SVO will be hosting the Mid-Atlantics Championsips at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, in the MIchaux State Forest near Gettysburg, PA, giving QOC a chance to reclaim the Broken Compass trophy DVOA held on to last year when we hosted the event.  The event will also be a National Ranking Event, with the individual courses counting towards the OUSA national rankings system. Details, including a PDF of the last used version of the map for the event, are on the SVO web site at http://www.furlong47.com/svo/midatlantics.html

The club scoring will be very similar to what was in place last year, with points for turnout by each club, for results on the individual courses, and for results in the relay race that will be run after the individual courses. Some notes regarding taking part, what course you should run, and forming relay teams:

- SVO is offering online pre-registration, with payment to occur at the event. You should register by this Thursday, Oct 31, to guarantee yourself a map for an individual course. Note: as far as I can tell, there is no reason not to register even if you aren't sure if you'll be able to attend, so if your weekend schedule is uncertain, go ahead and register anyway. I"m sure SVO anticipates having a few unused maps at the end of the day.

- when it comes to selecting the course to run as an individual, the overriding principle is, as always, to run the course you'll enjoy most.  That said, since the event is an NRE, the Mid-Atlantics scoring will be based only on the results of orienteers who are running either the shortest/easiest course they would assuming US citizenship or permanent residency, be eligible to win awards in at a US National Championships or a longer/harder course. QOC members young and older should therefore consider running the course appropriate for their gender and age under US rules, even if they normally run a longer/harder course, and save some energy for the relay.  Or, counterintuitively, for a few people it may make sense to run up to a longer/harder course where there may be less competition and therefore points to be won just for finishing (this is most likely to be true for a woman confident of being able to finish a red course without going overtime but not of being one of the top female finishers on green or brown). Regardless, please register for what makes the most sense for you. You will be helping QOC in the points just by showing up.

- the relay will be a handicapped format featuring 9, 6, and 3 point teams, with a mass start for the 9 point teams followed by chasing mass starts for the 6 and 3 point teams, i.e. the same format we offered for the relay last year and in years past when QOC has hosted.  Feel free to form a QOC 3, 6, or 9 point team made up of your friends or family but if you'd like to run on a QOC relay team but don't have teammates lined up already, see below.

I will be serving once more as the QOC Team Coordinator. Please therefore email me by no later than 6pm on Saturday, though the earlier the better, if you will be attending, would like to run on a relay team, and want me to set you up with teammates. Please also email me if you will be forming a QOC team yourself and tell me who will be on it and whether it will be a 3, 6, or 9 point team, since that will inform my decisions regarding team formation.  I would also appreciate knowing what individual course any QOC member who will be attending plans on running since it is desirable, as much as possible, to make sure we have some strong competitors, both male and female, on every course. Please include the age and gender of each individual orienteer you email me about - this will help me both ensure relay teams have at least the intended number of points so we hedge our bets in the relay and understand who all are likely contenders for points on all the individual courses.

I'll close by noting two things:

- the forecast is currently for sun and cool temps in the MIchaux State Forest next Sunday
- there is still plenty of space on the bus QOC is chartering to go to this event.  Details and registration for seats are at https://www.qocweb.org/events/2019/11/3/midatlantic-champs

Cheers and I'll hope to see a bus full of fellow QOC members next Sunday morning, and many more at the event.

Jon Torrance