Next QOC event

Jon <djon@...>

QOC's next local meet will take place this Sunday with registration from no=
on to 2 pm at Greenbelt, MD. The meet director will be Tom Annick; the cour=
se setter will be Vytenis Benetis.

From the National Capital Beltway, I-95/495 take exit 23 and go south on Ke=
niworth Ave. to Greenbelt Road 193 East. Turn left onto Greenbelt Road, then=
turn right into the park at the stoplight.

From the Baltimore Washington Beltway, take Greenbelt Road 193 West. Go und=
er the Capital Beltway. Park entrance is on the left at the stoplight.

Once in the Park, follow O-signs past the Park Police Station and Park HQ a=
nd turn right at the stop sign. Take the first left into the Sweetgum Picnic=
area. Bathrooms with running water will be available.

Course setter's notes

Greenbelt Park, Sunday October 6, 2002

Course Length Climb

Blue 13.7 km 350 m
Red 6.7 km 225 m
Green 5.65 km 135 m
Brown 3.9 km 125 m
Orange 2.9 km 65 m
Yellow 1.5 km 45 m
White 1.5 km 25 m


1) Greenbelt Park has many `dense' areas, where use of gaiters and long =
pants is especially encouraged.
2) There are many checkpoints (57 total) in the woods. Pay attention to =
your control numbers.
3) Blue course is different this time. It is very LONG and VERY challeng=
ing. Only experienced runners (those who have run blue courses before) will =
be allowed to run it. Besides its' length and challenge the course includes =
these exciting special features:
a. Two `boxes' - where controls may be collected in any order, and, =

b. A memory leg – a short loop with several checkpoints where runner=
s must voluntarily hide their maps and use only the ones posted at the memor=
y control sites.
More details will be available at the event registration. Since the course =
is lengthy, it will take at least 2h to finish it. Runners are STRONGLY advi=
sed to start before 1 p.m.
4) There will only be a few water stations on the course, which will be =
indicated ONLY on the master maps (not on the clue sheets).

I wish you all a good time and successful Orienteering in Greenbelt.

Vytenis Benetis