Night-O This Saturday at Prince William Forest

Greg Lennon

We expect a fine crowd this Saturday night (March 16) at Prince William Forest Park, VA, where thanks to course setter Gary Smith, there will be four night orienteering course options starting near our group area at Cabin Camp 5 (also known as Happyland). Course stats and course setter comments for the beginner, intermediate, and two advanced courses are now online on the event webpage.

This Night-O event does not require pre-registration, so just come to the event and register (and pay) any time between 7pm - 8:30pm. Start your course any time between 7:30 - 9pm, and be absolutely sure to be back before 10:30pm. [As with all of our night-O's we also remind you that dogs are not allowed on the course.]

Driving directions are posted on the event webpage. Be prepared to walk a fair distance in the dark to the registration area from the parking area, so have your headlamp or flashlight ready to go. We will try to get closer-in parking, but parking is expected to be quite tight. There should also be space for you to drop clothes or a bag before your run.

We're expecting clear night skies and temperatures to be in the mid- to high 40's, so dress warmly enough, carry extra batteries, and bring a watch - so you can make sure you are back before 10:30pm!