Orienteer at Gunston Hall This Sunday

Greg Lennon

Whether or not you missed our first-ever use of the new Gunston Hall map, here's your second chance!

Our orienteering event for this coming Sunday, April 2 at Gunston Hall (east of Lorton, VA) will feature a full set of 7 courses thanks to course setters Karla Hulett & Gary Smith, and full details and course setter comments are now posted on the event webpage.

Event timing is standard (register any time between 10:45 - 1:15, start any time between 11 - 1:30, and be back before 3pm); and Event Director Scott Sharp would like to remind you that at this park there is a mandatory $5/pp surcharge, which entitles all participants to a guided tour of the historic Hall. [Gunston Hall staff are recommending participants sign up for a tour time before going on their run - and want to remind you not to wear spikes within the building.]

Driving details are online on the event webpage, and with weather forecasts calling for a 65 degree, sunny day, we hope you'll enjoy both the courses and the grounds at this historic site!