Orienteer at Swanson Road this Sunday


QOC will be in the woods at Swanson Road Natural Area (a part of Patuxent River Park) near Upper Marlboro, MD, this Sunday, with six regular courses (white through red) on offer, plus two advanced training courses, courtesy of course designer Craig Shelden.

Event timing will be standard: register between 10:45 - 1:15, start any time between 11 - 1:30, and be sure to be back before 3pm when control pickup will begin. Dogs on leash are welcome in the park so feel free to bring your favorite canine.

A couple of notes on less standard aspects of the event:

- it will be based in the northern part of the park, not in the south near the radio-controlled aircraft field where we've been in the past. There will be QOC signage on the way there, of course, but if you want an address to look up to see where you'll be going, Craig suggests using 17110 Swanson Rd Spur, Upper Marlboro, MD 20772.

- the training courses will be offered in short and long versions.  Both feature some controls to be taken in random order, as in the Bumble (or the upcoming in just over two weeks Susquehanna Stumble), plus some window-O controls to challenge your compass technique and distance estimation. Craig suggests doing them in place of a regular course but nothing prevents you doing one of them plus a regular course, if you have the time and energy.

Full event details and driving directions are available as always on the event webpage ( .

See you in the woods!