Orienteer Sunday at Patapsco/Catonsville

Greg Lennon

This Sunday, Jan. 27, QOC's second event of 2019 will be taking place in Patapsco Valley State Park, based out of the Catonsville CCBC campus. A full set of courses (white through blue) has been set by veteran mapper and course setter Ted Good, and QOC President Jody Landers and Cecilia Landers and their volunteers will be welcoming you as the event co-hosts.

Register any time between 10:45 - 1:15, start between 11 - 1:30, and make sure to finish before 3pm.

Driving directions and full course stats and course setter comments are posted on the event webpage, and especially for advanced orienteers (brown, green, red and blue), we strongly encourage you to read them!