Orienteer Sunday at Wheaton Regional Park

Greg Lennon

With a rain-free, partly sunny day predicted for this Sunday, March 11, we invite you to enjoy orienteering at Wheaton Regional Park on one of course setter Nadim Ahmed's 8 courses.

Timing is standard - but remember to set your clocks forward an hour on Saturday night! - but what's not standard is that all advanced course maps will lack trails, so even those of you who feel you know Wheaton quite well will still have a fine challenge. [Beginner and Intermediate course maps have all features as usual.]

And in addition, the Wheaton map has been significantly updated for this event, including with new contours derived from LiDAR data.

Full event and course details and driving directions are on the event webpage, and event director Don Fish definitely encourages everyone to read the event and course setter notes before heading out on their courses!