Orienteer This Sunday at Cabin John Park

Greg Lennon

Sunny skies are currently predicted for this coming Sunday, Nov. 22, and our orienteering event at Cabin John Regional Park (near Bethesda, MD). This family-friendly park has plenty of amenities, and course setter Amber Tomas has designed a full set of courses (white through blue) for your enjoyment.

Registration is at the event, any time between 10:45 - 1:15, and you may start any time between 11 - 1:30. As usual, make sure to be back no later than 3pm, so Event Director Don Fish won't have to worry about you. That will also give you plenty of time head over to the nearby CalTort restaurant, offering all orienteers a free side of chips & queso with any purchase.

Please read the complete event and course notes on the event webpage, to find out about things like the Kid's Train that we expect to be running, just south of our registration/start area at Pavilion H, the streamered legs on the White and Yellow courses, and the road crossing and likely wet feet that advanced runners will experience ... and of course the secret code word to get your free tortilla chips.

See you Sunday!