Sunny Saturday Orienteering at Patapsco/Granite

Greg Lennon

This *Saturday*, April 21, the Maces hope to see you at the Granite area of Patapsco Valley State Park (near Woodstock, MD), where they have set seven classic orienteering courses in some of our finest terrain (white through blue).

Event timing is standard, so plan to start any time between 11 - 1:30 and make sure to be back before 3pm.

And while there is no park or parking fee at this venue, this is a park where our volunteer efforts are noted, so after you have completed your course, please consider giving the club and the park a half hour of your time to pick up trash and debris in the area - think of it as a fine way to cool down after your run while enjoying the fine Spring weather!

Driving directions and full event details are on the event webpage.