The Homestead: Have you heard this radio ad?!

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The Homestead had a representative at an outdoor rec conference at a
community college in Richmond that Al Petit and Sid Sachs spoke at. I
remember that it was 8 or 9 years ago, since I was there to allegedly help,
but didn't know a heck of a lot at the time. So someone working in their
outdoor rec department there at some point in their corporate history has a
good idea of what this sport really is like. Who knows what they are doing
now? The Homestead, along with the youth camp near Lexington and the scouts
out near Roanoke and a bunch of other participants from the rest of
Virginia, asked when we could get out to their part of the state for maps
and events. If only we could pull new O-field checking and maps out of our
rear ends.
I think Homestead and the surrounding National Forest would make a great
site for WOC 2017 or so (50th anniversary of QOC). Five-star accommodations
for the hotshot funded teams and passable stuff nearby for the rest of the
world. Maybe we'll find a mapper by then.

Mike Brooks

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While multi-tasking the other day I had the radio on. Probably one of the
oldies stations. I was half-listening to the commercials, when one really
grabbed me. It was, I think (as I said, I only was half-tuned-in...) for
Homestead (upscale resort in VA, if you haven't heard of it). They said
something about ice skating, and golfing, then "or you can get lost and
orienteering"!! (quote isn't exact but you get the idea). First, I had no
idea they do any kind of orienteering there (and it worries me a bit,
wondering if they're doing compass & pace on a USGS -- anyone know?) and
second, WOW! They didn't mention hiking, or swimming, or anything else
mainstream, but orienteering! And no explanation of what it is, just that
little blurb.
Their website doesn't mention o', so either it's new or I heard the place
name wrong. But I've heard the commercial once since then, and they
absolutely mentioned orienteering.
Has anyone else heard this? What do you think?
(IMHO, this is another indication that we should definitely continue to
the word orienteering for all purposes...)

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