Zero to Orange course registration deadline


FYI, in case you haven't noticed it on the web site, Bob Turbyfill has arranged another session of his Zero to Orange in 3 Days course, with classroom and in the woods training on Oct. 6-7, this coming weekend at Patuxent, and final exam, written and practicum, at Balls Bluff on Oct. 21 - As of last checking, there is room in the course for at least a few more registrants but for Bob's ease in planning, he wants to know who all will be taking part no later than tomorrow.  If you or anyone you know would like a firm grounding in Orienteering 101, that's this course and online registration is live at Please sign up by tomorrow evening if you'd like to take part.  Bob is expected to offer the course again in the spring but it's a long time until then.

Note: it doesn't say online but typically in the past this course has run, somewhat influenced by park/classroom facility opening times, from fairly early morning to mid-afternoon on each day of instruction.